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Shavuos Articles


cRc Kosher is proud to present a collection of articles relating to Shavuos, including Kashrus articles and audio shiurim.


Hilchos Yom Tov

The Laws of Eruv Tavshilin – Shavuos 2023
    by: Rabbi Akiva Niehaus


Separating Between Milk and Meat

Meat and Milk at the Same Table
    by: Rabbi Yisroel Langer
Waiting after hard cheese
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Derech Kitzarah #10 Kashering Between Meat and Dairy
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Derech Kitzarah #16 Kashering After Kosher Dairy or Meat
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen

Kashrus on Cheese & Milk

Camels, Cows and Chalav Certification
    by: Rabbi Yona Reiss
Dairy Equipment – Separating Facts from Myths
    by: Rabbi Sholem Fishbane
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Gevinas Yisroel on Acid Set Cheese
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Milk and Honey
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Dairy Water
    by: Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Chalav Yisroel Milk – An Inside Look
    by: Rabbi Yosef Landa


Audio Shiurim by Rabbi Dovid Cohen

Dairy Industry Overview – Dairy A
  • Milk
  • Fat – cream, butter, buttermilk, ice cream
  • Protein – acid vs. rennet, casein and cheese, whey, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream
  • Sugar / Lactose – mei chalav, meimei chalav, uses
  • Water and minor components
Chalav Yisroel Creation – Dairy B
  • Hashgachah
  • Yotzeh v’nichnas
  • Checking the container
  • DA cows
  • Kashering
  • Preventing kovush
Chalav Stam – Dairy C
  • Pri Chadash & Chasam Sofer
  • Iggeros Moshe
  • Which countries
  • Kashering (libun, DE, kovush, gevinas akum)
Chalav Yisroel and Gevinas Yisroel
  • Chalav stam nowadays
  • Displaced abomasum (DA cows)
  • Chalav stam infant formula
  • Mashgiach temidis for chalav Yisroel
  • Jewish ownership of rennet for gevinas Yisroel
  • Chalav stam hard cheese
  • Chalav stam butter