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Tevillas Keilim

General guidelines: When metal and glass utensils, dishes, cutlery or anything else used with food are purchased from a non-Jewish store, they cannot be used until they undergo tevillah in a mikvah. Plastic, paper, and ceramic utensils do not require tevillah, and the same applies to disposable aluminum pans. China dishes should have tevillah, but a bracha should not be recited for that tevillah. Any electrical appliance which might be ruined by tevillah, is not obligated in that mitzvah and can be used without tevillah.

Some examples of items that require tevillah with a bracha are baking sheets, Corelle, flatware, melon baller, plates (glass), pots and pans (and their covers), and poultry shears. The following do not require tevillah: can opener, coffee mug, corkscrew, meat tenderizer, and a sandwich maker.


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