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Seltzer: A Big To-Do About Bubbles

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If you or your children (or both) grew up listening to Shmuel Kunda’s When Zaidy Was Young, you are undoubtedly familiar with the children’s statement that, “Shabbos without seltzer is like Chanukah without latkes, Pesach without charoses, and Purim without sneakers.” And you are probably just as familiar with Mama’s rejoinder, “Seltzer is water with some explosions going on inside the glass, and I don’t have to pay good money to have my water exploding in a glass.”

But what exactly makes seltzer “explode in the glass,” and why are you reading about it in a publication that focuses on the laws of Pesach?

By: Rabbi Dovid Oppenheimer, cRc Rabbinical Coordinator, Candy & Nut Industry, Industrial Bakeries, and Juice & Soda Industry