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Pas Yisroel and Yoshon Information 2023

Last Updated: July 13, 2023


To read the cRc Pas Yisroel Policy, click here. To read an article by Rabbi Dovid Cohen about Pas Yisroel During Aseres Y’mei Teshuvah, click here:

To read the cRc Yoshon Policy, click here. Yoshon resources can be found at Resources available include the Guide to Chodosh, charts, tools, lists, and access to a WhatsApp group where one can ask specific product questions.


Some cRc restaurants, caterers, and bakeries offer a variety of Pas Yisroel and Yoshon selections. For the list of Chicago area restaurants and the relevant status, please see here:



cRc-certified industrial (commercial) bakeries are assumed to NOT be Pas Yisroel and Yoshon unless indicated otherwise on the individual labels or on their current cRc kosher certificate.

Alpha Baking/Rosens is Pas Yisroel.

Azteca Tortillas are NOT Pas Yisroel and are NOT Yoshon.

Bay’s English Muffins (dairy, Cholov Stam) are NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon.

Eli’s Cheesecake (dairy, Cholov Stam) is Pas Yisroel but NOT Yoshon.

Enjoy Life products which contain oats are NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon.

Kasia’s Blintzes (dairy, Cholov Stam) are Bishul Yisroel, but NOT Yoshon.

Kronos pita is Pas Yisroel but are NOT Yoshon.

Miller Baking Co. (Pretzilla Brand) is Pas Yisroel but NOT Yoshon.

Mission Foods Tortillas and ALL of their other products are NOT Pas Yisroel and are NOT Yoshon.

O & H (dairy, Cholov Stam) is NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon

Organic Bread of Heaven‘s breads and tortillas ARE Pas Yisroel, but NOT Yoshon

Sanabel Bakery regular pita is Pas Yisroel, but not Yoshon. The Lebanese pita is NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon.