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General Kashrus Policies

General Kashrus Policy on:

Warming Food on Shabbos

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Warming of dry, fully-cooked food on Shabbos is permitted via any of the following methods:

1 - A pan of hot water is put onto the blech before Shabbos. On Shabbos, pans may be placed on top of (but not inside) the hot water pan.

2 - Pans of food may be placed on top of an overturned sheet pan which is, in turn, on top of the blech. That sheet pan may be put onto the blech on Shabbos.

3- Food may be put into a hot box or warming drawer which (a) cannot get hotter than 225° F (a minimal cooking temperature) and (b) has its temperature control knobs removed or covered.

NOTE: Any combination of the above methods may also be used so that, for example, after warming a pan of chicken on an overturned sheet pan it can then be placed in the warming drawer to make room for a second pan.