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General Kashrus Policies

General Kashrus Policy on:

Spice Blends

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Spice blends are recommended on a product-by-product basis. If all the spices in the spice blend are acceptable without certification, and the blend does not contain any kosher sensitive ingredients, then that particular spice blend will be acceptable without certification. If the spice blend contains spices that require certification, or if the blend contains kosher sensitive ingredients, that spice blend will require certification.

The following spice products require certification: smoked spices (all), chili powders, horseradish (powder, granulated, dehydrated, etc.), wasabi powder, and fresh chopped garlic. For other dried herbs and spices, search for the specific item (e.g., basil, salt, thyme) to learn its status. Fresh herbs and spices may be infested with insects; see the individual listings at to learn more about this.