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General Kashrus Policy on:

Sherry Casks

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Many Scotches are aged in casks that previously held sherry, sauterne, port, or other wines. Others have special "finishes" or multiple "maturations" that include aging in wine casks. All of these practices raise kashrus concerns, since wine is only kosher when produced under special supervision. Accordingly, alcoholic beverages, such as Scotch and Irish whisky, are not permitted if the label or company website states that it is aged in a wine cask, has a special finish, or an extra maturation. Other problematic phraseology that indicates use of wine casks are: double finish, triple finish, double matured, triple matured, dual cask, dual finish, European cask, French cask, Madeira finish, and port, sauterne, or sherry casks.

The cRc listings of approved alcoholic beverages includes products that are known not to have been aged in wine casks. The cRc listing also includes items which are certified kosher, and those are the most preferable as they have Rabbinic oversight on casks and all other aspects of kosher production.