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Pureeing Policy

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According to cRc policy, one is permitted to thoroughly puree produce (when purchased for the purpose of blending) that is only moderately infested with insects. Before pureeing, one should first rinse the produce under running water to remove the surface, easy to remove bugs. (Prior to pureeing broccoli, one should run their finger through the florets while rinsing it.)

With regards to more heavily infested produce, such as fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and organic leafy produce (such as organic kale, romaine lettuce, etc.), or any produce that seems to be more infested than usual, one should avoid pureeing them altogether. If one would like to puree fresh strawberries, it would be permissible to do so provided that they are first soaked and agitated in soapy water (1 tablespoon of soap to 8 cups of water) for a minute, followed by a rinse.