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Any medicine taken for an ailment that is life-threatening or that has any chance of developing into a life-threatening illness, e.g., antibiotics, should be taken without consideration for the points noted below. The remainder of this post is for medicines taken to relieve disorders that are painful or incapacitating, but do not pose any threat to the person's life.

All medicines in tablet form are acceptable. The only exception to that rule is that certain vitamins and supplements require certification, even if they are in tablet form. An exception to that exception is that multivitamins and prenatal multivitamins which are in tablet form are acceptable even if they are not kosher-certified. [This does not apply to (a) Pesach, (b) similar products in chewable, liquid, or gelcap, or © tablets with just one or two vitamins in them.]

Medicinal items in gelcap form should only be consumed by people who are incapacitated by their illness and have no alternative treatment which is not kosher-sensitive. Medicines in chewable or liquid form should only be used after verifying with the cRc that the ingredients are not kosher-sensitive.