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General Kashrus Policies

General Kashrus Policy on:

Mechiras Chametz

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Chametz owned by a Jew during Pesach becomes forbidden forever. This applies specifically to items made from the five primary grains - wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and oats - and not to kitnios (e.g., corn, rice, beans) or other items forbidden on Pesach.

To avoid this concern, cRc-certified facilities which are Jewish-owned, arrange to sell their chametz before Pesach and do not purchase, process, or sell chametz during that the holiday. [There are a handful of special exceptions to this rule, which are dealt with on an individual basis.] Chametz which has left the manufacturing facility and is in the supermarket or at a distributor is not included in this sale. Accordingly, if a Jewish person owns a supermarket or distribution business and does not perform mechiras chametz, one should consult with a Rabbi to determine if and when they may purchase chametz - whether certified by cRc or any other kosher agency - from that location after Pesach.