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General Kashrus Policies

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Mashgiach at Food Service

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Food service facilities, such as restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels, school kitchens, and nursing homes, require continual oversight to avoid mistakes that affect the kosher status of the food produced there. For facilities that serve only dairy or pareve items, this typically means that a cRc-appointed representative will visit the facility unannounced 1-3 times per week (yotzeh v'nichnas). In certain circumstances, cRc also requires that there be a Shomer Shabbos person onsite at all times, who will fill the role of onsite Mashgiach temidi. The Mashgiach may perform other non-kashrus-related functions for the facility, as long as those do not conflict with his ability to execute his hashgachah responsibilities. Facilities that serve meat present more potential (kosher) pitfalls; therefore, there must always be both a yotzeh v'nichnas and a full time Shomer Shabbos presence.

The exact level of hashgachah required for each facility varies depending on many factors, and is determined by cRc professional staff based on their experience.