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General Kashrus Policies

General Kashrus Policy on:

Ice Cream Stores

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There are retail ice cream or frozen yogurt stores that sell products that are certified by cRc Kosher or other reliable agencies, when in their original factory-sealed containers. Most of these stores are not certified, and, therefore, one may only partake of these products after the following steps are taken: [1] See the original container or "bag-in-box" (for a soft-serve machine) and ensure that it bears a kosher symbol. [2] Other products purchased, such as cones, toppings, cakes, and novelty items, should be inspected to determine if they are kosher. [3] Any scoop or spoon used by the employees, should be washed before it is placed into the kosher ice cream. These steps must be taken each time one makes a purchase, to be sure that the store did not change suppliers or make other changes.

As the average person may not be aware of all of the kosher regulations, it is always preferable and recommended to only frequent shops under a reliable kosher supervision.