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Rabbi Dovid Cohen

Rabbi Dovid Cohen joined the cRc Kosher as Administrative Rabbinic Coordinator in 2006. He oversees ingredient approval, technical services, and interacts with the cRc Beis Din which determines halacha guidelines for cRc Kosher. His writings on kashrus topics can be seen at and, and this site presents recordings from the weekly kashrus shiur he presents to cRc staff.

Kashrus Rulings of Rav Feivel Cohen (first yahrzeit)

  • Copepods in New York City Water (visible but not recognizable, spawned in the water system)
  • Mechiras chametz
  • Chametz medicine for a choleh
  • Vinegar of unknown Pesach status
  • Spray dryer kashering
  • Kashering plastic
  • Keurig machine tevillah
  • Stam yayin for a mumar

Date: 2023-11-10