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Pesach Guide 2023 Order Information

February 23, 2023

Pre-Order the cRc’s popular 2023 Pesach Guide now! The Guide includes everything you need to prepare for Pesach, including our classic Shopping Guide, Pesach Liquor List, Milk & Dairy Products, Medicine & Cosmetics Guidelines, Kashering & Tevillas Keilim Guidelines, Dietary Needs, Seder Prep, Pesach Food for Pets, Fruit & Vegetable Guide, and Your Questions Answered. It also includes interesting and informative articles, such as Kashrus Photos, and Where We’ve Been.


Order now!


Place your order today to ensure availability and timely delivery. Orders will be shipped around Purim 2023.

Please visit the cRc Book Store to place your order today.

Please note: Copies of the 2023 cRc Pesach Guide will be available at no charge in local Chicago-area stores.

This year’s guide will feature exciting articles and information, including:

  • I Wish Consumers Knew
  • Sourdough, Pizza, and Bourbon
  • The Four Questions about the Mitzvah of Chinuch

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