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Methods for Using Fresh Unchecked Herbs in Soup

The cRc recommends checking all leafy greens (ex: all lettuces), fresh herbs (ex: dill, parsley, basil etc.),and cauliflower for insects using the thrip cloth method. Note: Infestation in organic greens is often higher due to the lack of pesticides. (See to see how this method is done).                        Please be aware that for the thrip cloth method to be effective, one should get hands on training in identifying insects. If one wishes to use fresh unchecked nonorganic herbs in a soup, this may be done by rinsing the herbs under running water and then sealing it in a filtered cooking bag (Liebers Sack’n-boil filter bags).

If organic herbs are being used, one should soak and swish the herbs around in water mixed with a bit of soap or vegetable wash for about a minute, remove the herbs and repeat this twice in new soapy water before sealing it in a filtered cooking bag.

The cRc does not recommend using fresh blackberries, raspberries, artichokes, and broccoli.

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