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Enjoy Life

July 22, 2022

Please be advised that due to a printing mistake, some packages of Sea Salt Lentil Chips produced by Enjoy Life were mistakenly labeled as cRc Pareve, when in fact, the product should be labeled cRc D.E. (dairy equipment). Corrective action has been taken.


While Enjoy Life is a gluten-free company, please note that the following cRc-certified products contain oat flour and therefore requires the bracha of mezonos:

Breakfast Ovals: Apple Cinnamon; Berry Medley; Chocolate Chip Banana; Dark Chocolate; Maple Fig

Crunchy Cookies: Strawberry Lemonade; Crunchy Cookies Birthday

Soft Baked Cookies: Monster; Oatmeal Raisins; Apple Cider Donut

The above products are neither Pas Yisroel nor Yoshon.

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