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The cRc is proud to be the #1 consumer resource for kosher information, providing consumers with information about vegetable checking, liquor, medicine, other kashrus agencies, and many other topics. Consumers love our lists, websites, and apps full of relevant and timely information. We live by our motto: Helping Consumers Keep Kosher.

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Happy Bites Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Please note that Happy Bites Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans manufactured by Eat Play Happy Inc. has an unauthorized cRc logo on its packaging. Additionally, the products contain butterfat, as listed on the ingredient panel, and the unauthorized cRc logo indicates it is pareve. Corrective action is being taken.

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About cRc Kosher

Established in 1932, the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) is the largest organization of its kind in North America.

The cRc is a not-for-profit organization offering a wide variety of Jewish services including kosher product supervision and kosher certification.

Ask cRc is a great tool to quickly find current and reliable kosher information. Search through our popular kosher lists, such as the Liquor List, Slurpee List, Beverage List, Over the Counter Medicine List, Kashering and Toveling information, Berachos, Fruit and Vegetable List, Local Chicago eateries, as well as hundreds of other kashrus agencies recommended by the cRc. It’s easy and simple – simply type in a product or keyword and press Search.

Ask cRc

With over 1,500 kosher agencies worldwide, cRc Kosher is happy to provide a list of common acceptable kosher symbols and contact information. If you have a question about a symbol which doesn't appear on our list, please send an email with the info to: [email protected]

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The cRc is proud to be the #1 address to answer consumer questions about popular consumer products – including Slurpees, Liquor, Medicine, and Starbucks – as well as the reliability of other kashrus agencies. Please help us continue helping you! Click here to help consumers keep kosher.

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