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Pas Yisroel & Yoshon


Yoshon resources can be found at Resources available include charts, tools, lists, and access to a WhatsApp group where one can ask specific product questions.

All bakeries listed below are Pas Yisroel, and are cRc certified unless otherwise noted.
To see a Kashrus Disclosure Chart for cRc certified restaurants and bakeries, Click here.


Adina’s Designer Cookies 773-338-6190
Emma’s  (Only in-house baked goods are yoshon) 9306 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077
Jewel Food Store (OU)    (Yoshon as noted on label) 1600 W. Deerfield, Highland Park, IL 60035 847/579-0872
Jewel Food Store (OU)  (Yoshon as noted on label) 2485 W. Howard, Evanston, IL  60202
847-328-9791 >
Mariano’s Special cRc certified section 3358 West Touhy
Skokie, IL
847- 763-8801
Miller’s Bakery (NOT Yoshon) 8313 North Steven Road
Milwaukee, WI
North Shore Bakery  (Yoshon) 2919 W. Touhy, Chicago, IL 60645
773 -262-0600  
Shalom Bakery  ( NOT Yoshon) 1165 Arlington Hts. Road, Buffalo Grove, IL
Tel Aviv Bakery (OU) (Yoshon) 2944 W. Devon, Chicago, IL 60659
773 -764-8877


Some cRc meat, dairy and Pareve restaurants offer a variety of Yoshon and Pas Yisroel
selections. For the list of Chicago area restaurants see here
Please check with the on-premise mashgiach for details.

Rabbi Dovid Cohen writes about Pas Yisroel During the Aseres Y’mei Teshuvah.
Click here to view the article

Only those industrial bakeries that print “Pas Yisroel” on the individual labels or on their current cRc kosher certificate are certified as Pas yisroel. All other cRc certified industrial bakeries are assumed to NOT be Pas Yisroel.


Azteca Tortillas are NOT Pas Yisroel and are NOT Yoshon.

Baldinger Bakery products are Pas Yisroel when L1 appears in the bar code but are NOT Yoshon.

Bay’s English Muffins (dairy, Cholov Stam) are NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon.

Eli’s Cheesecake (dairy, Cholov Stam) is Pas Yisroel but is NOT Yoshon.

Kasia’s Blintzes (dairy-Cholov Stam) are Bishul Yisroel, but NOT Yoshon.

Kronos pita is Pas Yisroel but are NOT Yoshon.

Mission Foods Tortillas and ALL of their other products are NOT Pas Yisroel and are NOT Yoshon.

Nu World products are not made with the “five grains” Therefore they are not considered Pas and Yoshon is not an issue.

O & H ( dairy, Cholov Stam) is NOT Pas Yisroel or Yoshon

Organic Bread of Heaven’s breads and tortillas ARE Pas Yisroel, but NOT Yoshon

Alpha Baking/Rosens is Pas Yisroel

Sanabel Bakery Regular pita is Pas Yisroel, but not Yoshon. The Lebanese pita is NOT pas Yisroel or Yoshon.