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Pesach - Miscellaneous

Salt in a Pesach Project
Q. A teacher wanted to know what to do since she accidentally iodized salt into the kids’ haggados.…
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Real Chametz
Q. My family’s custom is that before Pesach we eat or destroy all “real” chametz and only perform…
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Mechiras Chametz
Q. How can one sell liquor and prescription medicines to a non-Jew as part of mechiras chametz,…
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Ethanol as Fuel
Q. If ethanol can be made from chametz and one is not allowed to own or benefit from chametz,…
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Disposable Gloves
Q. Is there anything wrong with using disposable gloves on Pesach? A. Disposable gloves do…
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Contact Lens Solution
Q. Do I need special contact lens solution for Pesach? A. We reviewed the ingredients used…
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Certified Bread on Pesach
Q. Why do I see fresh-baked bread with a cRc in the supermarket on Pesach? A. Chametz owned by…
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Coated Pills – Kept Over Pesach
Q: Over Pesach I neglected to stow away some flavored Walgreens brand acetaminophen caplets…
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