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Pesach - Medical

Fever for a Child
Q. What can I give my child if they develop a fever on Pesach? A. Each year, the cRc researches…
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Dental Tape
Q. Is dental tape the same as dental floss, as far as using it on Pesach? A. Yes, as with dental…
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Q. Can I use a chewable contraceptive pill such as Femcon FE? A. Femcon FE contains ingredients…
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Q. I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy on Chol HaMoed Pesach, and the doctor said I have to drink…
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Coated Pills
Q. It says on your website that one can take any pill medication that is swallowed.  Does that…
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Q. Is it okay to use my regular toothpaste on Pesach? A. There are those who take the position…
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Chewing a Pill
Q. My grandmother has a difficult time swallowing pills.  May she chew a pill which is generally…
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Q. Why does cRc not recommend Tums for Pesach, but other Rabbis do? A. The reason for the difference…
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Q. My doctor prescribed antibiotics.  Is it okay to take them on Pesach? A. The cRc recommends…
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Q. Which laxatives may I use on Pesach? A. Any laxative which comes as a pill which one swallows…
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Q. My due date is Erev Pesach.  If I’m in the hospital over Pesach, is it okay if I’m connected…
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Hand Sanitizer – Alcohol
Q. Do alcohol-based sanitizers require Pesach certification? A. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers…
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Glucose Tablets
Q. Can a diabetic use glucose tablets on Pesach? A. Although there is a small chance that the…
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