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Pesach FAQs

Water Dispenser

Q. Can we use our water-cooler for Pesach?

A. If a water cooler only dispenses cold water, it can be used for Pesach after it is cleaned well on all sides (especially around the spout).

However, if it dispenses both hot and cold water, then the spout and the area around it will also need to be kashered via “irui kli rishon”.  To accomplish that you should (a) clean the entire cooler thoroughly, as noted above, (b) not use the cooler at all for 24 hours, (c) remove the carboy/container that holds the water, (d) tilt the unit onto its side, and then (e) pour boiling water over both spouts and the area surrounding them.  Once this is completed, a fresh carboy/container of water should be installed, and the dispenser can be used for Pesach.