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I've been told that the spits, poles, and skewers in a rotisserie oven can be kashered with libun kal from kosher meat to pareve. If so, can I do the same when kashering from chametz to Pesach, since chametz is also kosher? No. In this regard, the kashering requirement after chametz is stricter than after kosher meat, because chametz is a forbidden item (issurah), (albeit only for 8 days a year), while kosher meat it is inherently kosher/permitted (hetairah). Accordingly, although libun kal suffices when kashering between kosher meat and pareve, a more intensive libun gamur is required to kasher the skewers from chametz use for Pesach. [The rest of the rotisserie chamber, can be kashered with libun kal regardless of whether it was used for kosher, non-kosher, chametz or anything else].