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Pesach FAQs

Oat Matzah

Q. When eating oat matzos, is there any difference in regard to how much one must eat or is the shiur the same as with wheat matzos?

A. In theory, the amount (shiur) of hand oat matzah one must eat at the Seder is the same as for hand matzos made of wheat, whole wheat, spelt, or any of the other grains suitable for matzah. However, it is worth noting that the shiur of matzah given in the cRc Pesach Guide is based on Kol Dodi Hagadah, which assumes the person is using hand matzos of average thickness.  If one were to use matzos that were noticeably thinner than the average (e.g., Chareidim brand hand matzos), they would be required to eat a larger piece of matzah than the shiur given in our guide, and if the matzah was noticeably thicker than average, they could eat less.

Past experience has shown that handmade oat matzos tend to be considerably thicker than other handmade matzos, and accordingly it would suffice if you ate somewhat less than the shiur given in the cRc Pesach Guide.  An exact determination of how much you should eat, would require someone measuring the thickness of your matzos and making the necessary calculation.