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My upcoming due date is Erev Pesach. What do I need to know about being hospitalized and giving birth on Pesach in terms of kashrus? Is an intravenous acceptable or do I need to make arrangements for some other medication in advance? What about the possibility of egg matzah instead of regular matzah? Is a woman in labor or a new mother allowed to eat it? You may allow yourself to be given any intravenous fluid because (a) it is unlikely that they contain chametz and (b) even if it did, there is halachic rationale to permit any incapacitated person (even without a condition as serious as yours) to use it. The Ashkenazic custom is that healthy people do not consume "egg matzah" (i.e. matzah made with liquids other than water), but anyone who is incapacitated or sick and would benefit from eating egg matzos is permitted to do so (Rema 462:4). Therefore, if you feel that after you give birth it would be beneficial or easier for you to eat egg matzos instead of other Pesach food, you are permitted to do so assuming, of course, that the egg matzah bears a reliable Pesach certification.