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Faucet With Spray Hose

The faucet in my new kitchen has a spray hose. Is the kashering of that faucet any different than a regular one?

The first step in kashering any item is to remove all residual chametz. With this in mind, Rema 451:18 rules that any utensil which has small cracks and crevices where food might get caught should not be kashered for Pesach because of the difficulty in getting the utensil perfectly clean. This poses a concern for many pull-out faucets because the hose is made of a ribbed material where bits of food can get trapped, and then fall out into the Pesach food. Accordingly, any faucet with this type of hose cannot be kashered for Pesach.

The good news is that the only concern is if the faucet is pulled out, thereby exposing the ribbed portion of the hose. Therefore, one may use the faucet on Pesach if (a) the hose is not pulled out, and (b) the rest of the faucet is kashered in the typical manner as described in our Pesach Guide and website.