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The cRc Pesach Guide says that one cannot kasher any dishwashers for Pesach, but I've seen other publications which allow the kashering of stainless steel models. Why are you taking such a strict stance? The first step in kashering any item is to remove all residual chametz. With this in mind, Rema 451:18 rules that any utensil which has small cracks and crevices where food might get trapped should not be kashered for Pesach because of the difficulty in getting the utensil perfectly clean. Our Guide presents the position of our Posek, Rav Schwartz ZT"L who holds that the racks, silverware holder, and drain/filter areas of a dishwasher are classic examples of Rema's ruling; since there is a concern that food might be left in these areas, a dishwasher cannot be kashered for Pesach. Others hold that Rema's ruling is limited to strainers and other items that (a) have smaller and many more holes and (b) come in direct contact with Pesach food.