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Convection Oven

How should I kasher my convection oven for Pesach?

A convection oven [or a convection microwave oven] functions much like any other oven but has an added fan that circulates air during cooking. This increases the oven's efficiency, encourages uniform temperatures in the chamber, and speeds the cooking process. The fan is typically located behind a grate or shield (that protects the user for accidentally touching it), but is close enough to the cooking chamber that food and vapor will splatter and reach the fan.

Thus, although a convection oven can be kashered just like every other oven, the cleaning which precedes the kashering is more intense and complicated. In most cases, the only way to clean the fan is to remove the protective shield from in front of it, and manually scrub the fan until it is free of all residue. Only then can the standard kashering of the oven begin.