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Coated Pills – Kept Over Pesach

Q: Over Pesach I neglected to stow away some flavored Walgreens brand acetaminophen caplets with Cool Ice flavored coating along with the chametz that my family sold. After the chag, I found these pills and was concerned that they might have the issue of chametz she’avar alav haPesach. The cRc Pesach Guide is already off the website, so I couldn’t check about whether the concern with these coatings was chametz or kitnios. In any case, I now wonder if I have to be worried about the acetaminophen, and if so then how I should proceed from here. I should mention that I did not actually see the chametz on Pesach and that we sold all of the chametz at our address rather than specifying certain cabinets or closets.

A: Although, as you seem to be aware, we wouldn’t recommend that you use that medicine on Pesach, if you forgot to sell it with the chametz you may feel free to use it after Pesach as the likelihood is that there is no chametz in it which isn’t batel. The fact that you sold the “whole house” instead of specific cabinets makes the answer even more straightforward.