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Barbeque Grill

Can a barbeque grill be kashered for Pesach? What if the grates are new? The grates of a barbeque grill must be kashered with libun gamur, and the simplest way to do this by sandwiching the grill between layers of charcoal. Place a layer of charcoal on a cement surface, put the grate on top of the charcoal, and cover the grate with another layer of charcoal. Light all of the charcoal and allow it to burn for an hour. This will kasher the grates. [See for a short video about this]. Alternatively, you can purchase separate grates for Pesach. The rest of the grill can be kashered with libun kal, which can be accomplished relatively easily, as follows: If the grill comes with a cover, light the grill with coals or gas, close the cover, and allow it to burn on its highest setting (or filled with a considerable amount of coal) for an hour. If the grill does not have a cover, follow the same procedure, but make sure that all surfaces of the grill are covered with coals. As with all items being kashered, it is crucial that the grill be cleaned thoroughly of all food residue, which is often a particular difficulty in a barbeque grill. In fact, if the grill has too many holes, cracks, and crevices where food may get trapped, one should refrain from kashering the grill at all.