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Pesach FAQs

Alcohol – Cosmetics

Q. I know that alcohol can be made from wheat.  What about things like isopropyl alcohol?

A. Benzyl alcohol, methyl alcohol (a.k.a., methanol), isopropyl alcohol, and stearyl alcohol are not made from chametz.

Ethyl alcohol, a.k.a. ethanol, can be made from chametz, and isoamyl alcohol is often a byproduct of whisky.  (These may also appear on an ingredient panel as part of a compound such as ethyl acetate or isoamyl butyrate.)  Accordingly, they are not recommended unless they are known to be free of chametz.

Denatured alcohol, a.k.a. SD Alcohol, is ethyl alcohol which has been blended with other materials to render it not potable; there are different opinions as to whether such alcohol is forbidden on Pesach.  The cRc position is that if the denatured alcohol is in a product manufactured in the United States, one can use the product.