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Kosher for Pesach Milk – Minneapolis

Pesach 2024

cRc Kosher is proud to announce that, as a service to the local Minneapolis community, we have worked with the local Kemp’s Minneapolis plant to produce Kosher for Pesach milk for Pesach 2024. This milk is Cholov Stam.

[Please note: Some people are careful to consume Cholov Yisroel on Pesach even though they consume Cholov Stam year-round. If this was your custom in the past, it is worthwhile to continue with this Hiddur for Pesach! This production of Cholov Stam milk is for those, who for whatever reason, are not doing so.]

This milk will not bear any designation that it’s “Kosher for Passover.” To identify that the milk you are purchasing is Kosher for Pesach, please use the following guidelines:

1. It MUST be from Kemp’s or another private label (see list below).

2. It MUST be plain white milk (not chocolate milk, or other products) – Whole, 2%, 1% or Skim.

3. It MUST bear plant # “27-168” on the product. This can be on the label or ink-jetted anywhere on the container, typically near the cap.

4. The expiration or “best by” date MUST be between April 30th and May 10th.

This milk is sold under the Kemp’s brand and other private labels. This includes the following brands: Cub, Friendly Farms (Aldi), Festival Foods, Food Club, Good & Gather (Target), Great Value (Walmart), Hy-vee, Kirkland (Costco), Oak Grove, Super One, and That’s Smart.

Look for this milk at your local stores in the Minneapolis region. As long as the 4 conditions listed above are met, the milk is Kosher for Pesach.

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