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Warming Drawer

Q. My wife uses a warming drawer every night to keep the food warm until I come home from the office, and we would really like to kasher it for Pesach.  How should I kasher it if it cannot get hotter than 200°F?

A. Kashering a warming drawer typically requires heating it to temperatures that it is not designed to reach on its own. The simplest way to get it hot enough is to light one can of the type of canned fuel used to heat chafing dishes (e.g., Sterno cans) in the warming drawer.  Make sure to leave the door of the warming drawer slightly ajar, so that there will be enough air to allow for combustion.  One standard (2-3 hour) ethanol or methanol cans should be adequate to heat an average sized warming drawer to libun kal temperatures for about 2 hours.  [Wicked-cans that use diethylene glycol as a fuel, should not be used for kashering.]  As with all kashering, before you begin, the warming drawer must be thoroughly cleaned and not used for 24 hours.