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Q: The Slurpee machine at my local 7/11 is not kosher certified, but someone showed me the extensive list of kosher Slurpee flavors from the cRc website. Can I consume those flavors even if the store isn’t kosher? How do I know that there isn’t carryover from a non-kosher flavor to the kosher flavor?

A: Yes, you may eat (or should I say drink?) any kosher flavor of Slurpee even if the specific 7/11 store is not kosher certified. The reason is as follows:

Each bag-in-box that holds a single Slurpee syrup has its own disposable hose, but there are some hoses that do not get changed or thoroughly cleaned between products. Thus, it is possible that some of Flavor A will be in the pipes even though the bag-in-box and sign say that Flavor B is being served. The reason this isn’t a serious kashrus concern is because (a) the amount of Slurpee left in the machine is minimal enough that it would invariably all end up in the first Slurpee purchased after the hoses were changed, and (b) almost every single Slurpee flavor is kosher. Accordingly, the chances that I will get non-kosher Slurpee in my kosher Slurpee are too small to be significant. For more details on the kosher issues with Slurpees, see the article by Rabbi Fishbane on our website at