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Sifting Flour

Q: For those who have the minhag to sift flour, what electric sifters would be recommended?

A: Nowadays, most flour is processed in a manner that removes all insects and even destroys just about all insect eggs, such that flour stored in cool, dry conditions will remain bug-free for 60 days or more. Accordingly, the halacha does not require one to sift their flour before use (unless they have reason to think it may have been stored in a damp and/or warm environment or for an extended amount of time).

Nonetheless, there are some who do sift all of their flour so as to make sure that there is not even the slightest chance that they will consume a bug. For those who chose to follow this practice, it is recommended that they use an electric sifter whose screens are 60-70 mesh. [A lower mesh (i.e. <60) will not remove enough bugs and a higher mesh will make sifting too difficult.] Sifters that meet this standard are available online for approximately $60-70.