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Salt in a Pesach Project

Q. A teacher wanted to know what to do since she accidentally iodized salt into the kids’ haggados. Should she tear out the page since iodized salt needs hashgachah for Pesach?

A. There are a few reasons why there is no need to worry: Firstly, even if the glue doesn’t render the salt inedible, this case may qualify as “יחדו לישיבה” (yichdo l’yeshiva), a halacha which states that under specific situations, there is no prohibition to own chametz which is designated for non-food use, even if the chametz remains edible.  For more on those halachos, see Shulchan Aruch 442:9.  In addition, the iodine in salt is not inherently chametz but rather is not used for Pesach (without special Pesach certification), because it is typically mixed with starch which may be chametz.  The starch is surely batel b’shishim into the salt, and, therefore, l’chatchilah we would not eat iodized salt on Pesach without special certification, but there’s nothing wrong with owning such a product.