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Q. I'm researching probiotics was wondering if you can comment on the kashrus issues of probiotic supplements. [Probiotics are microorganisms which are considered helpful to digestion and general health.]

A. Probiotics which are in a swallowable pill form are not edible, and are, therefore, acceptable for use, even if they are not kosher-certified. Those sold in powder or liquid form must bear kosher certification for the following reason: Sometimes the probiotic itself is kosher-sensitive due to the ingredients it contains or how it is processed (spray-drying or freeze-drying), and other times the inactive ingredients (e.g. lactose, flavor) are what makes the overall product require kosher certification. If a consumer has a question about a specific probiotic, they should send the active and inactive ingredients to [email protected] and someone can try to help them determine if it is suitable for kosher use.