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Malt in Yoshon Products

Q: I read that it is debatable whether people who are machmir on yoshon need to be concerned about malt put into flour. I’m just trying to understand what is debated before I decide what to do myself. Is it for sure batel? Is it maybe not batel because chodosh a davar sheyesh lo matirim (something which will eventually become permitted – in this case, after Pesach – and therefore not eligible for bitul)?

A: A very small amount of malt is put into flour and it is almost always batel b’shishim. Although you are correct that a davar sheyesh lo matirim cannot be batel, that is limited to a mixture of min b’mino (like items) and does not apply to a mixture of malt and flour (see Shulchan Aruch YD 102:1). It is also noteworthy that due to the length of the malting process, chodosh malt does not come to market until very late in the “yoshon season”. Accordingly, many people who are particular to only eat yoshon are lenient and will consume flour without first ascertaining if the malt is chodosh. Whether you should choose to follow this ruling is something that you should discuss with your own Rabbi.