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Liquid Eggs

Q: How do hashgachos make sure that there are no blood spots in (certified) liquid eggs? Do they have a Mashgiach in the egg company checking every egg?

A: Rema YD 66:5 rules that the minhag is to only check eggs for blood spots during the daytime. Rav Herschel Schachter explained that this means to say that the minhag is to check eggs when it is somewhat easy to do, and therefore during the day when there is plenty of sunlight one should check their eggs. However, during the nighttime when it was difficult (in those times) to check for blood spots, there is no requirement to check them.

Based on this understanding, the standing policy in most American hashgachos is that at a certified restaurant or caterer the on-site Mashgiach checks all eggs for blood spots, because that is considered “easy” to check such that it falls under the requirements of the minhag. However, in factory-produced eggs (e.g. liquid eggs, powdered eggs) it is not easily possible to have a Jew stand by and check all eggs, and therefore the minhag does not require one to hire a special Mashgiach just to perform that task.

It so happens that in most modern countries the companies will candle their eggs and/or use other methods to remove just about all blood spots, and it is therefore rare to find a blood spot in liquid eggs. However, from a halachic perspective that is not required by the minhag (and if it were required then the candlers would not have the ne’emanus required to fulfill it).