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Large Pot

Q. How does one kasher a large pot?

A. To kasher a pot, you should do the following:

1. Clean it thoroughly on both the inside and outside.

2. Let it sit unused for 24 hours.

3. Fill a larger pot with water and bring that water to a boil (this pot must be clean and not been used for 24 hours).

4. Submerge all parts of the smaller pot (including the cover) into the larger one. It is okay to submerge different parts of the pot separately, as long as all parts eventually get submerged.

If you do not have a larger pot, fill the pot which will be kashered with water, and bring that to a boil. At the same time, bring a small pot (which is clean and hasn’t been used for 24 hours) to a boil. When both pots have come to a boil, carefully lower the smaller pot into the larger pot, which will cause the water to overflow from the larger pot. Be very careful to not get scalded by the boiling water.

After this, it is customary to rinse the kashered pot in cold water, and you may then use it as pareve, dairy or meat.