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Q: I am a member of a shul with a significant South African presence, and a kashrus sheilah has recently been a subject of significant controversy. In discussing the issue with a friend, I was told of your unique expertise insuch matters, and was hoping that your expertise and guidance may help clarify the sheilah, and provide us with some insight. The sheilah relates to a fish known as the kingklip.

A: I was working at the OU Kashrus Department when this issue was first raised there, and the OU Poskim decided that since this issue is only relevant to the South African (and some South American) Jewish communities, the local Rabbis should be the ones to make the decision as to the fish’s kashrus, and they therefore refrained from offering their personal opinions on the matter. The tumult which has since arisen about the kashrus of kingklip has shown the wisdom of their approach. Thus, I encourage you to raise the question with your local Rabbi from South Africa, who will surely be able to direct you on this important question.