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Keurig Coffee Makers

Q: Is there a way to kasher a Keurig coffee maker?

A: Preferably, a Keurig machine should be dedicated to kosher use (and should further be dedicated to either pareve or dairy use).  In this is not possible, then the procedure for using the machine for a kosher (pareve) beverage depends on what type of non-kosher or dairy beverages are made in the machine, as follows:

If the machine was only used for (a) certified kosher pareve beverages, and (b) non-certified coffee or tea whose only ingredients are coffee or tea, and flavor, then one should clean the machine by running a hot water cycle (without a K-cup) in the machine, and only afterwards should the kosher beverage be brewed in the Keurig machine.

If the machine was possibly used for hot cocoa, soup, or K-cups which contain other kosher-sensitive ingredients (other than “flavor”), the Keurig machine cannot be used without a hot kashering which requires the following steps.  Thoroughly clean the needles and K-cup pack holder as per the Keurig instructional video at  Do not use the machine for 24 hours, and then run two hot water cycles (without a K-cup) in the machine.

The above procedures are not suitable to use a Keurig machine for Pesach if it had been used year-round.