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Induction Cooktop

Q. How can I kasher my induction cooktop for Pesach?

A. Induction cooktops do not have a heating coil or other heat source, and, therefore, there is no realistic way to kasher them.  The only way to use the induction cooktop on Pesach is to put a physical barrier between the cooking surface and the pots.  This can be accomplished either with “induction discs” (widely available to help people cook on an induction surface with pots that are not ferromagnetic) or a “mat” that is designed for an induction cooktop.  Although the cooktop will not have been kashered, the barrier prevents any absorbed chametz from spreading to the pots and food.

On a related note, using an induction cooktop raises significant halachic issues on Shabbos and Yom Tov, some of which might be eliminated by the use of the induction discs noted above,, and consumers should consult with their Rabbi for direction on this matter.