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Gripe Water

Q: There is a product for babies called Gripe Water which has been used in Europe for over 100 years. It is taken orally for gas and colic. The brand which I saw is made by a company called Baby’s Bliss. It does not have a Hechsher. Does it need one?

A: Gripe water refers to a mix of herbal extracts which are believed to be beneficial in relieving colic for newborn babies. Since it is given to the baby in a liquid, edible form, it must meet a standard of kashrus similar to other edible remedies. In the case of Baby Bliss Gripe Water, the ingredients include a number of ingredients which are kosher-sensitive (glycerin, citric acid and flavor) and we therefore cannot recommend this product without kosher certification. Other brands of gripe water (ColicCalm, Little Tummys and Wellement) have similar ingredients and also cannot be recommended.