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Gevinas Yisroel

Q: We are learning about Gevinas Yisroel and saw that there are two opinions as to how that is created. I would like to know what the cRc does.

A: In the times of the Mishnah, the Rabbis forbade the consumption of a non-Jew’s cheese even if all of the ingredients are kosher. Such cheese is referred to as gevinas akum (a non-Jew’s cheese), and there are two opinions as to what is required to render cheese as the permitted gevinas Yisroel (a Jew’s cheese): Rema YD 115:2 rules that the Jew must see the production of the cheese, while Shach 115:20 argues that the Jew must either own the cheese or participate in its production.

The cRc, and most reputable hashgachos, require that cheese meet both standards to be considered kosher. Therefore, the Mashgiach will oversee the cheese-making (satisfying Rema’s requirement) and be the one to actually put the rennet into the milk vat (satisfying Shach’s requirement).