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George Foreman Grill

Q. I received a refurbished George Foreman grill from someone who does not keep kosher.  Is there a need to kasher it? Is there a way to kasher it?

A. It most definitely requires kashering, and the method required is called “libun gamur” which is quite difficult and which is not recommended for most situations.  Libun gamur is essentially impossible for a grill in which the cooking-plate are permanently attached to the body of the grill.  If the cooking-plates are detachable and you want to attempt kashering, this is what you should do:

Remove the plates from the body of the grill, sandwich the plates between layers of charcoal, light the charcoal and allow it to burn for one hour.  Then, reattach the plates to the body of the grill, and turn the grill onto the highest setting for 20 minutes.  Lastly, if there is a drip pan, boil up a pot of water and submerge the drip pan into the boiling water.  [Of course, all of the above, assumes that all parts of the grill are perfectly clean.]