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Frying Pan

Q. Please let me know what your recommendation is to kasher a dairy Teflon-lined frying pan that was used for meat by a well-intended individual in his home.

A. In order to determine if and how one can kasher a frying pan, we must first consider your individual method of cooking in that pan. If you fry with a generous amount of oil or other grease, then the frying pan can be kashered with libun kal which includes the following steps: clean the pan well, do not use it for 24 hours, and then put it onto an open flame until both the inside and outside are hot enough to singe paper.

On the other hand, if you fry with an insignificant amount of oil (such as with cooking spray) then the general rule is that the frying pan cannot be kashered, since the level of kashering required (libun gamur) is basically impossible for most people. The strictness of the latter case surely applies if someone cooked non-kosher food in a frying pan, but in many cases it can be waived if the person merely cooked kosher meat in a dairy pan (or vice versa), and any such questions should be directed to a Rabbi.