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Fruit With Hashgachah

Q: My mother in law picked up a peach in the fruit store and saw that right next to the PLU code (on the sticker found on the fruit) there was a kosher symbol. What has this earth come to? Why would anyone certify a fresh peach as kosher?

A: Much of the fruit and vegetables which we eat are coated with a wax coating to help retain moisture and make them look more appealing. Some of the ingredients in those coatings are kosher-sensitive, and therefore, there are people (particularly in Israel) who are careful to only eat fruit with a certified kosher coating. The logo on some fruit is a way of assuring those people that the coating only contains kosher ingredients. However, the cRc and most other hashgachos are of the opinion that the wax coatings are inedible (and happen to just be put on in a very thin layer such that the average consumer doesn’t notice them) and may therefore be used even if some of the ingredients happen to be non-kosher.