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Dairy Chicken Seasoning or Bread Mix

Q: Would you certify a chicken seasoning which is milchig/dairy? What about a dairy bread mix?

A: The answer depends on whether these were packaged for industrial/food-service use or for retail/consumer use.

-If they were packaged for industrial use then we would certify both of those items on condition that the word “dairy” is included in the product name (e.g. Howie’s Finest Dairy Chicken Spice Blend) so as to make sure the end-user knows these items are dairy.

-If they were packaged for retail use, we would certify the chicken seasoning (with the same stipulation outlined above) but not the bread mix. The difference between the cases is pretty clear – all kosher consumers know that they cannot use dairy (seasoning) on chicken, but not every consumer is familiar with the halacha that it is forbidden to bake dairy bread (Shulchan Aruch YD 97:1). Accordingly, allowing a company to sell kosher dairy bread mix might lead a consumer to unknowingly think it can be used as-is.