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Champagne Limestone Filtering

Q: My father in law pointed out that a bottle of vodka describes how they run the vodka through “Champagne Limestone”. While it sounds innocent, if that really indicates alcohol filtering through any kind of wine (Champagne) that would be very problematic from a kashrus standpoint. Can you find out what that really is so I can know whether I can serve it at my son’s Bar Mitzvah or not?
A: Champagne is the name of a region in France which is famous for its wine products. The earth in that area – as in other areas of France – has a higher than usual concentration of chalk, limestone and clay than other parts of the world, and there are those who theorize that that is with why the grapes that grow in that region have a unique taste. Some companies believe that filtering their water with limestone from that area of France improves the flavor of the finished product.

While we have no opinion as to whether that claim is justified, we can confirm that that type of filtering does not pose any kashrus concern.