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Broccoli and Cauliflower

Q: I was wondering what the difference is between broccoli and cauliflower; why when it comes to broccoli do your guidelines say that it’s close to impossible to check and for cauliflower you provide directions?

A: We have found that bugs often crawl into the florets of broccoli, and that it very difficult and tedious for people to properly check through the tiny spaces between the parts of the floret. Accordingly, we do not recommend that consumers attempt to clean or check broccoli, and we do not allow cRc certified facilities to use fresh broccoli. [Frozen broccoli with proper kosher certification is acceptable for use.]

In contrast, our experience is that cauliflower florets are packed together so tightly that bugs are almost never found within the floret, and they are only found in the large and small branches that support the floret. Therefore that area does not need checking and we were able to write a procedure for washing and checking the rest of the food.